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This post is about writing, more specifically writing a decent English sentence that isn’t full of grammatical or spelling errors. Quite frankly, it makes my soul hurt sometimes, to see on Facebook and other places, posts full of texting shorthand and misspellings. It makes writers look stupid, and who wants to read a book by a stupid person? I think it behooves us to at least make an effort to appear as though we know our craft, and aren’t just flinging words to the wind, hoping somebody will grab them. Perhaps that makes me sound like a snob, and maybe I am. But a wordsmith must love his or her children, and aren’t words our offspring – sprung, not always full-blown, from our imaginations? Treat kindly, then, the fruits of our labors. We suffer, sometimes, to bring them into being – shouldn’t we be treating them with respect?

That being said, (and when did THAT little phrase get to be so popular?), I thought I’d update you on how Flowers From the Flames is coming along. Well, so far, we have intrigue, romance, mystery, heartbreak, and surprises, and I’m only on the third chapter!! Of course, Keno and Grace are the main protagonists, but Violet makes an appearance, as well as others from the other two books. But there are new characters as well. Hopefully memorable!

So, happy reading, everyone! Blessings!


2 thoughts on “About writing

  1. beehappy68@yahoo.com

    Hey mom, love your blog. – in defense of some FB posters- often times posts r coming directly from an I-phone – as many of mine r. Just putting that out there 2 prepare u 4 txt shortcuts I may b guilty of ;-). Luv u

    (727) 366-2687 Sent from my iPhone


    • Ah, there is that. Thanks, Cora. I think I was more speaking of those who are posting a short story or essay on Facebook that is full of misspellings and texting. If you’re going to write a short story or an essay, then it needs to be clean. A post from an iPhone is different, but I’m assuming wouldn’t be a big ole long thing….

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