The process continues


I spent much of yesterday writing.  I’m bringing into Flowers From the Flames a character from Becoming Grace, but now I need a backstory of what happened to her in the past five years.  She’s done a complete 180 from how she was at St. Margaret’s, and I need a reason.  Also, and yes, I know this is weird – she finally told me her last name.  I don’t like it, but can’t seem to change it.  Sometimes one’s characters take on a life of their own, and a writer just has to flow with it.  I think one of the reasons I’ve brought her back is because people who have read Becoming Grace are curious as to what happened to her.  So, that’s where I am today.

I ditched the first three starts to Flowers, but am now pretty happy with the way things are going.  I know I’m on a roll when I can hardly wait to get back to reading my book, only to realize that I  have to write it first!  

One of the writer’s tools that I find most helpful is being a member of a writer’s critique group. Or, in my case, TWO groups.   It really does help, even though sometimes I leave feeling bruised and bloody, I think it makes me a better writer.  I’m not sure I could actually whip these words into publishable shape without the group.  So, thanks, groups!

Okay, back to the grind stone!  Happy reading, all.  


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