A review


Hello faithful readers!  I just thought I’d share a review that was posted on Amazon.com about my book, Keno Deane and the Trouble With Teensie. Here it is:

Great Teen read June 9, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
I just finished Keno Deane and the Trouble with Teensie, and hope this is the first in a series. The protagonist is well-drawn, and the characters and plot have sufficient depth to keep more mature adolescents interested. There are enough details to make one nostalgic for the time period, if one lived at the time. As a grandparent, I would recommend it to my older grandkids.
In addition, I have some exciting news!  I finished the final editing on Becoming Grace and it should be available on Amazon within a day or two.  On Kindle, too!  I’ll let you know for sure when that happens.
In the meantime, if you’ve read any of my books and liked them, please, please, PLEASE post a review on amazon for me!  Thanks!

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