Keno Deane and Teensie Henderson


Keno Deane and the Trouble with Teensie

So, what’s this book about anyway?

Three things happen to Keno in 1959, the year she turns twelve:  her mom gets married, Keno gets her period, and her new friend, Teensie Henderson, gets into big, big trouble.

We tend to think of the fifties as a time of innocence, and looking back, maybe that’s true.  But when a child’s innocence is shattered, and she is forced to keep a secret that is way too big for her to carry, what’s a girl to do?

Follow Keno as she attempts to keep her friend’s secret, but all the while, is bursting to tell someone.

The shocking climax will lead you directly into the next book:

Becoming Grace, Teensie’s Journey

This is Teensie’s story, at least part of it.  Her life seems to constantly go from the frying pan into a series of fires.  What will happen to this young girl in 1960, when the truth of that time period is something we don’t like to discuss?  Her life will take her from the hills of Northern California To San Antonio, Texas, with many shocks along the way.



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