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A review


Hello faithful readers!  I just thought I’d share a review that was posted on about my book, Keno Deane and the Trouble With Teensie. Here it is:

Great Teen read June 9, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
I just finished Keno Deane and the Trouble with Teensie, and hope this is the first in a series. The protagonist is well-drawn, and the characters and plot have sufficient depth to keep more mature adolescents interested. There are enough details to make one nostalgic for the time period, if one lived at the time. As a grandparent, I would recommend it to my older grandkids.
In addition, I have some exciting news!  I finished the final editing on Becoming Grace and it should be available on Amazon within a day or two.  On Kindle, too!  I’ll let you know for sure when that happens.
In the meantime, if you’ve read any of my books and liked them, please, please, PLEASE post a review on amazon for me!  Thanks!

What’s coming next?


I’ve had a few people ask me about the next book in the Keno Deane/Teensie Henderson series, so I’ll give you a bit of a teaser here.

Flowers From the Flames begins in 1965.  Keno and Teensie (now known as Grace) have both turned 18.  For those of us of a certain age, 1965 was a year to be remembered.  The Vietnam war was in full swing.  If you went to San Francisco, you wore a flower in your hair.  People sometimes went off to live in communes, and experimented with hallucinogenic drugs.  If you liked something, it was “cool,” or “groovy.”  Women were called “chicks” and didn’t mind.

So, what does all this have to do with Keno and Grace?  Well, anyone who lived in the sixties was at least aware of what was going on in the world, and we were affected.  Those opposed to the war sometimes fled to Canada, or went to jail rather than fight.  Keno and Grace both have a “fella,” one of whom will fight, and the other not.  You’ll meet some folks again that you met in the first two books, and there will be some new characters, too.

it will be interesting to watch these two young women grow into adulthood in a turbulent time.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, don’t forget to order Keno Deane and the Trouble With Teensie, and Becoming Grace from or your favorite bookseller.  They’re available on Kindle, too.

Now, having said that, I should tell you that as of this date, June 20th, Becoming Grace is not quite ready.  Almost!  The proof has arrived and has been edited.  Now it just needs to go back to the publisher for the final print.  I’ll post again when it’s ready to purchase.

And if you like my books, would you do me a favor and give it a favorable review on amazon?  I’d appreciate it!

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Keno Deane and Teensie Henderson


Keno Deane and the Trouble with Teensie

So, what’s this book about anyway?

Three things happen to Keno in 1959, the year she turns twelve:  her mom gets married, Keno gets her period, and her new friend, Teensie Henderson, gets into big, big trouble.

We tend to think of the fifties as a time of innocence, and looking back, maybe that’s true.  But when a child’s innocence is shattered, and she is forced to keep a secret that is way too big for her to carry, what’s a girl to do?

Follow Keno as she attempts to keep her friend’s secret, but all the while, is bursting to tell someone.

The shocking climax will lead you directly into the next book:

Becoming Grace, Teensie’s Journey

This is Teensie’s story, at least part of it.  Her life seems to constantly go from the frying pan into a series of fires.  What will happen to this young girl in 1960, when the truth of that time period is something we don’t like to discuss?  Her life will take her from the hills of Northern California To San Antonio, Texas, with many shocks along the way.


Welcome Readers!


Hello to my readers!

If you’ve arrived here, all safe and sound, then you’re probably wondering what this author might have to say, and the first thing is – THANK YOU!  All authors are a bit ego-centric, I think, so we want our readers to know a little bit about us.  So, (mighty gulp), here goes:


I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, though I spent a lot of my childhood traveling.  Santa Barbara, San Diego, Reno or Las Vegas – we moved around a lot.  That love of travel never quite left me, and I’ve lived everywhere from California to Maine, including six months in Mexico!

Currently, I’m living in central California.  It’s June, and the weather should hit 99 today.  Yikes!  But, turn on the fan, and I’m still good to sit at the computer and write, or edit, or both.

My mom tells me I wrote my first poem when I was about seven:  “Someone has punctured the dark night sky, and the lights of Heaven are shining through.” Not bad, eh?  I’ve been writing pretty much all my life.  Poems, short stories, essays, book reviews, and books.

Oh, you say you want to know what I’ve written (so far)?  Sure, here ya go:




Living With Your Selves – A Survival Manual for People with Multiple Personality Disorder

Launch Press, 1992


Someone I Know Has Multiple Personalities – A Book for Significant Others: Family, Friends

And Caring Professionals, Launch Press, 1994

37 to One – Living as an Integrated Multiple, Safer Society Press, 1996

Keno Deane and the Trouble with Teensie, CreateSpace, 2014

Becoming Grace, Teensie’s Journey, CreateSpace, 2014



The Mask of the False Fine-Fine, Poems to Our Therapists, Many Voices, 1996

Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, Mending Ourselves, Many Voices, 1993

You Think You Know Me, Many Voices, October, 1991

Musings About A Therapist’s Touch – In Three Parts, Many Voices, August, 1991

The Dream, Beyond Survival, Volume 3, #2, 1992

Multiple Personality Disorder and Massage, Massage and Bodywork, Fall 1995

Submissions, The Final Draft Newsletter, April 1998

Please Help Rescue Pets From Death, Redding Record Searchlight, February 1997

Answers, For Crying Out Loud, Winter, 1990

Real Reform Could Change Prisons, Redding Record Searchlight, February, 1996

The Passion of The Christ, Redding Record Searchlight, March, 2004



Journeys – Reflections On The Book Of Ruth, Spring, 1997

What Is An Oblate?, Winter, 1999-2000

The Jericho Project, Summer, 1999

The Green Mile, Spring, 2000

Let’s Talk About The Boy, Summer, 2000

Follow Me, Spring, 1999

Daughter of Abraham, Spring 2003

What’s In A Name?, Spring, 2003

Names and Voices, A Spiritual Autobiography, Spring, 2003



Love Across The Miles and Other Poems, 1984

Whitehall Inn and Other Poems, 1991

Give Me Wings!, 1990

The Old Woman and Other Stories, 1994

The Tails of Maximillion Mouse, 1996

Nothing More and Nothing Less, 2000

Summer Storm and Other Stories, 2003


So, what’s next?  I’m currently working on the third in the Keno Deane/Teensie Henderson saga.  This book is called “Flowers From the Flames,” and will follow these young women as they grow into adulthood during the Vietnam era.  The world changed a lot in 1965 and beyond.  Come with me as we explore the lives of these extraordinary young women as they find their way in life.